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PureTree's luxury cabinet designs

We are sure to impress you as we custom design your hand crafted cabinets to fit perfectly into your new kitchen.  Our cabinets are built with the best of materials to ensure quality and a lifetime of use.  PureTree's cabinets come with a 5 year limited warranty.  PureTree's cabinets are built in our cabinet shop using the best of machinery ensuring quality on each cabinet and door.  We use only the best of lacquer paints and stains to ensure a lasting quality finish for years to come. 

Trust only the best. 

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 Are the most visible part of your cabinetry and key factors in defining your style and bringing your personality to life. With this in mind, PureTree offers many unique door styles, finishes, and wood types for you to choose from.


Arch  An arch style door features a rounded arch at the top of the door panel, which may be either raised or recessed. Compare with a square style.

Square  A square style door features a straight perimeter frame around the center panel, which may be either raised or recessed. Compare with an arch style.

Slab A slab style door is a flat door without a raised or recessed panel.

Recessed Panel   A recessed panel door has a flat panel recessed inside the perimeter of a door. Compare to a raised panel door.

Raised Panel  A raised panel door features a more decorative center panel that rises in the center. Compare to a recessed panel door.

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PureTree is your complete source for Kitchen and Bath remodeling.  Starting with the design of your new space we will provide you with a itemized cost of not only your cabinets but also your entire project designed within the means of your budget. 

PureTree specializes in complete home renovations & remodeling 

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